Blinking was the start of a long diagnosis. Since before I can remember, my blinking has always been off. We thought it was nothing, until the 4th grade rolled around. My teacher started to notice how I would make little marks on my paper. When it got too serious to ignore, she contacted my mom. After what seemed to be dozens of doctors and endless testing and evaluations, the doctors came to the conclusion that I have Tourette’s Syndrome and a mild case of OCD.

Taking in the news at first, took a toll on my family, but once we came to terms with it, we decided not to dwell on it and kept moving forward with our lives. Living with Tourette’s Syndrome definitely made my life more challenging, but I tend to have a more positive outlook on the situation because life always comes with obstacles that are meant to be overcome. In a way Tourette’s Syndrome has impacted me in a positive way, I have become a stronger person because of all the extra hardships I have had to deal with.

A moment I’ll never forget was when I connected with a complete stranger over the disability we both share. I was at the mall, when I noticed my mom deep in conversation with another parent, that noticed my tics. The mother then approached me, and went on to tell me about how her son is still trying to deal with the difficulties that come with Tourette’s Syndrome. This made me realize that even though I do have a disability, it will never prevent me from succeeding, no matter how much harder I have to work to get where I need to be.

Even though I do have Tourette’s Syndrome and have had a harder time then most kids my age, it has not taken a toll on my character, my humorous personality, my optimism, and my ability to dream big. No matter how many doctors have tried to belittle my dreams with their negative comments, it has not phased or changed my positive outlook on life.