My name is Brady D’Hont and I have Tourette’s Syndrome. Although I wasn’t officially diagnosed until the age of 16. I have struggled with it for many years.

My parents noticed my movements and vocal noises and thought it was just stress. It continued for years where it got worse and then got better then got worse and then better. My brother, Chase, couldn’t stand my noises but my parents told him that he needed to ignore it. It was difficult on everyone around me.

I’m not sure when, but my parents decided it was time to see the Doctor. There isn’t much you can do for Tourette’s, but I was determined to find out what could be done. It was exhausting trying to hide it at school and from my friends. It was starting to interfere with my academics and social life. I was getting depressed thinking about hiding it constantly, so it was time to be proactive. After talking with my pediatrician and learning there isn’t much that can be done, she thought that putting a 504 in place would help my stress level at school which may, in turn, help lessen my Tourette’s. After that, she referred me to a Neurologist. After meeting with him his only suggestion was psychotic drugs which he didn’t recommend, and my mother refused. I knew I would have to face this condition on my own and find natural ways of lessening it. Through sports and working out, I found that I can deal with it much better.
Although I will have this condition forever, I have learned to live with it and live fully. I excelled in high school, excelled on the lacrosse field and was recruited to play lacrosse in college. If it wasn’t for lacrosse, I would not be able to be at the college I’m at. Canisius College is a private catholic college that is very expensive. My grades and lacrosse helped me afford to get into Canisius. My parents praise me for my efforts in getting into college because they can not afford to send me on their own. I knew I needed alternate methods to get into an excellent college.
Because of this, I’m asking for my name to be put into the hat for the Dollars 4 Tics Scholarship. Although I did get some academic and athletic funding, it’s a struggle for my parents to come up with the rest. I would be forever grateful to help them lessen the load.

I would be so honored to be an example for your program and what it means for all the kids out there affected by this. Not only can you learn to live with it, you can excel!

Thank you for considering me.