I have been diagnosed with Tourettes Syndrome since I was a small child. I have had to struggle with anger issues and physical tics. It became hard ever since Pre-School as I could not control my anger. Tourettes Syndrome made me different. Because of that I had been bullied quite a lot. However, this disorder also led me to many fights when I was young as well. Today, I have come to control my anger issues from Tourettes and am doing better with my tics.

There are times when I get irritated very easily and my tics flare up because of it. Being able to mostly control Tourettes helped me make the friends I have today and to work towards my goal as a Geoscience major. I believe I deserve this scholarship because of my hardwork and dedication despite the constant trouble of dealing Tourettes and having to control it. Even while I have had trouble academically and mentally due to Tourettes, I have still been able to push forward and continue my path towards my end goal of a Geo scientist.