I have had a lot of different experiences with tourettes. Tourettes can sometimes be difficult to live with. If I am in certain situations it makes my everyday tasks harder to do. Sometimes I have ticks really bad when I am driving and it can distract me or make it harder to drive in general. I might also get really bad ticks when i am playing a sport or when I am out with friends and it makes it harder to just walk around.

It also can affect me when i am at work and make my job more difficult from time to time. When I am pushing carts across the street at work or helping customers it can make it harder to focus or keep control of my carts. I have also got weird looks at work because people do not understand what I am doing.

There are many school experiences that have been bad because of my tourettes. I have been kicked out of my main school because of saying things that I can not control sometimes. I also had a teacher in elementary school who did not believe that I had tourettes and I got in trouble numerous times in class. Once I had a leg tick and kicked out when she walked by me and I got suspended because she told the principle I had kicked her on purpose. I would also have ticks like clearing my throat in class or moving around a lot in my seat and I would get in trouble because I was accused of being a distraction to the other students. I got kicked out of Hersey High school because I made a joke about blowing up the bus which I could not control.

I also have had many bad social experiences because of my tourrettes. I have lost some friends because I blurt out stuff I do not mean to say. Most of the time people don’t understand what I am trying to control and it makes me isolate myself most of the time. Their was one instance at the pool with friends and I was so energetic and having a good time that I kept blurting out bad and racist things that I should not have said.
A family experience I have had is when my family has to put restrictions on me because I can not control certain things like when I was little being at the grocery store I would run around and scream.

I think I deserve this scholarship for a few reasons. I have had to fight through having tourettes for many years and it has been hard. But it has also made me a better and wiser person. It has taught me that I can always be improving myself in my everyday life. It has also helped my strive to be better.

Currently I am in my districts alternative school that I fought going to when I was removed from my main School.I have succeeded more than I could ever imagine. It was the right choice when I thought it was the wrong one.I as a Senior am currently on the work program, Honor roll and getting ready to Graduate in a few months. I don’t think any of this would of been possible if I stayed at my regular school.