Easton Brown

Tourette’s Syndrome is a condition that I have been diagnosed with since the age of 7. This condition has affected my life tremendously for over a decade. It has been hard to cope with the idea that I am different from everyone else and that not everybody is affected by Tourette’s Syndrome. Even though it was hard to cope with this idea, I have still adapted to the change and am a strong individual today.

School has been very hard for me to go through living with Tourette’s Syndrome because I have always worried that other people would judge me for my differences and that they would make fun of me for the tics that I do. I have always tried to hide my tics at school as best that I could so that others would not notice it as much. Because I tried to hold in my tics all day at school, it all came out when I came home from school every day and then it was hard for me to control it.

I have always had a rough time being social with other people and I feel that this is mainly because of my Tourette’s. I feel that I get nervous when I go to talk to other people, and I feel that they will judge me if they catch me doing any of the tics. This may have hindered me going up to talk to somebody and starting a conversation because I am just nervous to do so. I have learned to try to set my tics aside and just walk up to people and start conversations with people that I have not talked to before or have seen in school. I am learning to talk more to people and not worry about my condition as much anymore as well.

My family has always been supportive of me and has always been there for me when I needed it the most. My mom, especially, has worked hard to understand my condition and do the most in her power that she can help me through it so that I am not suffering as much. On the other hand, my dad and sister have had a hard time understanding why I do some of the tics I do and they do not fully understand the condition but they have still been there for me ever since my diagnosis. Other than my family, none of my friends or colleagues know that I have Tourette’s Syndrome. I have not told anybody else because I feel more comfortable that only my family knows because I know they will understand. Other people, on the other hand, may not understand as much, so I feel more comfortable not opening up about it.

Tourette’s Syndrome has really impacted my life ever since I was diagnosed, and it was very hard for me to cope with my condition. I feel that I am a stronger individual now after being able to cope with this condition. With time and help, I have learned to not let my condition affect my everyday life.