As a foster brother I had to constantly adapt to new changes, treat incoming and outgoing children as family, and learn to be gracious of other’s experiences and differences. I am grateful for those opportunities and everything they have taught me. Being able to see things from multiple lenses has benefited me as a leader, as a designer, and as a friend by giving me more grace, curiosity, and humility.

One of my closest foster brothers was born deaf. I often watched him miss out on fully experiencing situations. This was never more prevalent than when our family was gifted the opportunity to take him to Walt Disney World. It pained me to see my foster brother being sidelined because he was unable to fully participate. As someone who deals daily with Tourette’s and ADHD, I understood first-hand what it feels like to not experience life the way that others do. It has made me more sensitive to the reality that many people have disabilities, traumas, or limitations that are invisible to others. My relationships with him and my Tourette’s Syndrome diagnosis have driven me to pursue engineering to make theme parks and venues more accessible and inclusive.

It is my dream to some day be a part of the Disney Imagineering team. Attending the University of Central Florida, and participating in the engineering internships that are available with Disney and Universal Studios Orlando will well prepare me to meet my goals.