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Now and then I’ll blog about news that I run across that provides encouragement to those with Tourette’s Syndrome. Recently I ran across this article about Tim Howard that ran online by Yahoo Sports. If you have been following the World Cup soccer matches, you may have heard of Howard, the goalie for the US Soccer team. I had not heard of Tim, but after seeing the article, I made sure to tune in to watch the USA play Ghana earlier this week.

Here’s the article link:

When I read this article, and watched Tim on video, I felt encouraged that more people will hear about the condition of Tourette’s Syndrome, and learn to understand it more. Tim Howard is an example of someone who does not let a disability hold him back, regardless of how distracting his tics probably are as he plays the game.

Our scholarship foundation is based on encouraging students with Tourette’s Syndrome to go out and make a valuable contribution to society with whatever they do after college…through their work, or through their family.

If what we are doing, establishing this scholarship organization, can encourage students who struggle with TS every day to keep on keeping on, then we’re happy. And it’s great to read about examples of people like Tim Howard who have a great attitude regardless of their Tourettes. Thank you, Tim for the encouragement.

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