Applications Due April 15

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There’s still time for students to get D4TS scholarship applications in by the April 15th deadline. Please share our opportunity with anyone you know with TS who could benefit from our scholarship. This is our favorite time of the year because the students who apply are the core of D4TS’s mission. We are here to help them and it’s wonderful to see the results of all your support in helping these students with Tourette’s succeed in college.

In a recent article in the Delray Newspaper, one of our 2016 recipients Hannah Rusinko said, “I think it’s absolutely amazing what Kelsey and her mom are doing especially because there were not any other scholarships for people with Tourette’s syndrome. It inspired me to want to do the same thing when I’m older. I want to give more students an opportunity like I had. It’s really amazing.” Hannah hopes to become a pediatric neurologist. Supporters of D4TS like you can help her get there. For more information about the application and how to get started click here:

Notes for Student Applicants:

The application has two to three parts, depending on your preference.

1 – You may print the .pdf of the application and hand write in the information. This will then be part of your mailed portion. You will still need to provide the emailed portion.

2 – You may fill out the application online, including your essay and other parts of the Declare Thyself section. The email to us is still required, as well as the snail-mailed portion.

All parts must be received and postmarked by April 15, 2017 for consideration.

Any questions, please contact Good luck!