With the holidays in full swing, and the hustle and bustle of  shopping, wrapping presents, packing to travel and so much more, we often lose track of ourselves and the purpose of the holidays. I know I have been quite guilty of that these past few weeks.

As I was standing in the mile-long line outside of the post office the other day,  I had a thought that stopped me right in my tracks. “What is the purpose of this? Why am I stressing out over shipping this package!?  Why am I so consumed with getting everyone the best presents and getting them delivered before anyone else?!” With all of the media and amazing deals we see on TV, in the malls, ever on the internet,  it’s hard to stop yourself sometimes and think about WHY you’re doing it all.

The holidays are a time to be thankful for what we have, who we share our lives with, and to reflect on how we can make this crazy life more enjoyable.  Well, I did some reflecting and I realized how blessed and thankful I was for my life and everyone in it. Everyone who has supported me from day one.  My mother who has dedicated her time and love and energy into this amazing scholarship program we have. It’s all because of her support. All of our amazing donors, and our scholarship recipients who are persevering to realize their dreams. Pursuit of happiness if you will… aren’t we all looking for that? So I ask myself and challenge you to ask yourself… what are you thankful for??

Make sure you take time this holiday season to thank those who you love and who support you, and spend time with those who matter.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to every one of  you! We are thankful for your love and support of D4TS 💙.

Kelsey Diamantis