Thank you for visiting as we prepare for our annual participation in Great Give Florida, a day of 24 hours of giving organized by United Way of Martin and Palm Beach Counties. For this year’s campaign, we are happy to share highlights about a few of our scholarship recipients, and how your dollars are helping. These  are real students, with real Tourette Syndrome, that are making a real mark for themselves as they navigate college and pursue their career dreams. Get to know our students, and THANK YOU for supporting Dollars 4 Tic Scholars scholarship fund during April 24, 2019, Great Give.

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Tuesday 4/16/19

Our Students, Their Stories:
Aaron Oleson, Brigham Young University
2018 Dollars 4 Tic Scholars TS Scholarship Recipient
Major: Mechanical Engineering

Aaron is a freshman and is excited about the idea that he can apply what he is learning to help others in the future. Here’s how his first year is going:

My first year here at BYU has been full of ups and downs. I had expected about the level of rigorous work it would take, but I hadn’t really thought about some of the other things that make the college experience so unique. For example, I get to use my time however I feel is best, and that has required a much higher level of time management.

I’m currently studying Mechanical Engineering, and I love learning new ways to help people in the real world. It’s really powerful to think that one day I can create something that will help people live better. I’m currently in a “new student seminar” for Mechanical Engineering majors, and it has been so great being able to see all of the potential paths I could take and getting to plan which engineering courses I would be most interested in.

It’s really nice being able to plan and act for myself and think about what interests me. Personally, that’s what excites me the most about my future—the thought that I can forge my own path. My future belongs to me.

Stay tuned to meet more students during our April “Our Students, Their Stories” Great Give campaign!

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