Thank you for visiting as we prepare for our annual participation in Great Give Florida, a day of 24 hours of giving organized by United Way of Martin and Palm Beach Counties. For this year’s campaign, we are happy to share highlights about a few of our scholarship recipients, and how your dollars are helping. These  are real students, with real Tourette Syndrome, that are making a real mark for themselves as they navigate college and pursue their career dreams. Get to know our students, and THANK YOU for supporting Dollars 4 Tic Scholars scholarship fund during April 24, 2019, Great Give.

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Monday 4/08/19: Jason Ingerick – Northeastern University

Thursday, 4/11/19

Our Students, Their Stories:
Maggie Cincotta, Baylor University
2018 Dollars 4 Tic Scholars TS Scholarship Recipient
Major: Nursing

We followed up with Maggie and we are very happy to learn that she made the Dean’s list! Here is an update on how things are going for Maggie at Baylor.

How is your first year of school going?

  • My first year of school is going great! I love Baylor and the spirit of the school. I fit in really well here and haven’t been homesick once.

What did you learn about going to college that you didn’t expect?

  • I learned how easy it is to fit in on campus and in the atmosphere of Baylor.

What do you love about what you are studying?

  • I’m a nursing major and love the discussions we have in some of my classes about how we can improve the quality of healthcare we give each patient. Also, a good amount of my science pre-requisite courses are structured specially towards nursing majors, and the professors teach us skills we will use every day in our careers.

Any highlights?

  • I made the Dean’s list last semester, and have been a starter for Baylor’s NCAA Division 1 Equestrian Team. We just won the Big 12 Conference Championships last weekend.

Why you are excited about your future?

  • I’m excited for my future at Baylor to continue being a student athlete and carrying that prestigious title with me until I graduate.  After graduation, I look forward to a career that allows me to help the people in my community daily.

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