I’ve had tics for quite a while now. Tics in my case, are basically facial
movements, vocalizations, and minor habits that I feel like I have to do to get through the
day. They have molded and shaped me in many ways. When I first found out that I had
anxiety and tics, I did not know what to make of it. All I know is that over the years they
have helped me see the world in a whole new perspective. They have brought me closer
to my family and even though they have brought me hardships, they made me work even
harder to get by. Each and every obstacle it brought, I got through it. I may have
stumbled many times, but I always got back up. I remember I was in elementary school
when I had one of my first major anxiety attacks in a public place. I was arriving at
school when I started to display some tics and I realized that I was scared of what the
other classmates would think. I hid in the nurse’s bathroom for 45 minutes until finally I
came out to see that the nurse and my parents were there to comfort me. That day
changed me and also made me more aware of my condition and showed me that I am not

My tics have made me realize that people can be truly compassionate and caring
even if I thought that I was being judged. It took a lot of realization and conquering to
step up and be confident in many situations but I am proud to say that I am starting to
branch out so much more than I used to and that my tics do not dominate everything in
my life. Although I still have my bad moments and minor blips, I try my best to stay