Mission Statement

To encourage students with Tourette Syndrome to attend college and to stay in college through awarding college scholarships as an investment in their future contributions to society

Secondarily, to make it possible for two children per year to attend Tourette summer camp through camp attendance sponsorships

Vision Statement

Within five years by 2019, grow the Kelsey B. Diamantis TS Scholarship Family Foundation into a successful national non-profit organization which supports students with Tourette Syndrome by awarding four college scholarships per year. Within ten years award eight total scholarships every year through annual funding. In addition, the organization will fund a minimum of two summer camp scholarships per year to Tourette Syndrome summer camps.

Current Goals:

  • Expand our awards by adding college scholarships for graduate students who have Tourette Syndrome
  • Expand our awards by establishing a renewable scholarship program

College Scholarships for Movers & Shakers …
Encouragement for Students with Tourette Syndrome

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