Encouragement for TS Students

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Tourette's coverage Yahoo Sports

Now and then I’ll blog about news that I run across that provides encouragement to those with Tourette’s Syndrome. Recently I ran across this article about Tim Howard that ran online by Yahoo Sports. If you have been following the World Cup soccer matches, you may have heard of Howard, the goalie for the US Soccer team. I had not … Read More

So you want to start a non-profit…

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I am writing this blogpost today for anyone who runs across this site by random accident. My family and I made a decision to set up a non profit organization that awards college scholarships to college students with Tourette’s Syndrome. I have never run a non profit 501c3 before, although through my business I have had some as public relations … Read More

Foundation Update – 1023 Status

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It is late June as I write this. I leave for vacation in 2 days to go see my husband’s folks for a week. I truly wanted to submit our IRS Form 1023 by June 30. But sometimes a wrinkle appears that you just have to iron out before proceeding. 1023 Status and Articles of Incorporation I wrote a blog … Read More

EZ? I Think So!

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I was on vacation from July 1 through July 20. Part of that was visiting my husband’s parents, and part of it was being with my daughter as she participated as a camp counselor with Camp Twitch and Shout for a week. While I was gone,on July 1, actually, the IRS pulled a fast one. Hopefully, a great move for … Read More

Accountability Works

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In my last post I explained our family goal of setting up a 501(c)3 for the purpose of awarding college scholarships to students with Tourette’s Syndrome. I also stated that I was going to begin the incorporation in May. Sometimes when embarking on a goal, it helps to have an accountability partner. Recently I discovered that a friend of mine, … Read More

My Time at Camp Twitch and Shout

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Note: Today’s blog is a guest post by my 22-year-old daughter, Kelsey Diamantis. Kelsey’s experience at Camp Twitch and Shout was invaluable to her, and has made her even more dedicated to getting The Kelsey B. Diamantis TS Scholarship Family Foundation, Inc., dba Dollars 4 Tic Scholars, underway to provide college scholarships to kids with Tourette’s Syndrome, and camp attendance … Read More

Camp Twitch and Shout Experience

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We just arrived back home to Florida after a 10 hour drive. Camp Twitch and Shout was held July 12 through 18 in Winder, GA, thankfully about 10 minutes from where my niece lives in Statham. I stayed with my niece and her wonderful family, while my daughter Kelsey volunteered as a counselor at the camp. Why Did We Go … Read More

We’re Going to Camp!

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Well, I’m not going, actually, but my daughter is, and I’m going with her. In addition to creating a non-profit organization to award college scholarships to students with Tourette’s Syndrome, our family non-profit will have a secondary focus. Somewhere down the road, we plan to contribute funds to send a kid to summer camp. Let me explain. When searching the … Read More