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In my last post I explained our family goal of setting up a 501(c)3 for the purpose of awarding college scholarships to students with Tourette’s Syndrome. I also stated that I was going to begin the incorporation in May.

Sometimes when embarking on a goal, it helps to have an accountability partner. Recently I discovered that a friend of mine, Cassi Eubank, is also creating a non- profit organization. Cassi’s goal is to provide after school classes for school kids. I hope to let her post a guest post on my blog one day and tell about it.

So, I asked Cassi if she would like to be my accountability partner. We met on May 19 and traded info that we had learned about non-profit setup in Florida. But the most important thing we did was to create goals and a timeline. (Cassi is a motivational coach as well, so setting and achieving goals is something she emphasizes in her work.)

Cassi and I targeted June 2 for our first round of goals. Mine included:

  • Establish the corporation
  • Open a bank account.

By June 16:

  • Turn in 501c3 application.
  • Join an organization that I found that works specifically with non profits that award scholarships
  • Set up a meeting with the Palm Beach County Community Foundation to find out more about what they do for non profits

So guess what? This past Saturday I spent time with my accountant, who walked me through the steps to establishing the corporation! I am waiting on an email now from the state of Florida telling me that I am “Inc.’d” and I am so excited. After that, I apply for an EIN number. Then I’m going to open a bank account. And while my accountant was with me, we printed out the 501c3 application and went through it. I have a ton of attachments to generate to go with it, but just going through it was a huge step. So I am going to stick to my goal of submitting it by June 16.

Cassi and I are going to meet every two weeks. Our next meeting is June 2, and I’m excited that I am on track.

If you have run across this blog, please enter your name and email in the box to the right. This is a temporary website for us but I will keep my readers posted on our progress toward making these goals a reality.

What are you doing to be accountable to your goals and dreams?

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