I have been picked on for having this syndrome. Every grade its always been something new. Senior has been the worst it has ever been in my whole life. My ticks have increased tremendously. Its my senior year, and my most stressful year. It started in august when football started. I had all this excitement built up for my senior season. I had worked harder than ever to be in the best and top shape possible. Well, we go through our first week and get into pads. During our scrimmage against ourselves I think that triggered it the most. I had so many mixed emotions and I had done pretty well in it. After the scrimmage is when it started to act up the worst. I have motor and vocal Tourettes. They were happening more frequently and it was the worst. I couldn’t concentrate and it was hard on me in the classroom and in the school.

I couldn’t sleep because it was happening when I tried sleeping. With me getting mad didn’t help the situation at all whatsoever people thought I had a problem and stayed away from me. Mainly a lot of my friends made fun of me. At first I was okay with it just because its my friends. After awhile it started to annoy me and made me mad, with me getting mad had made it worse. My mom had taken me to the doctor to see if i could take anything to help. They gave me this medicine which kind of helped but made me tired all the time. I still have the tics to this day, but its not as bad and people don’t make fun of me as much anymore.