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Austin Charles Marler

My life has been a unique life. Every day since I was 5 years old I have learned something new about my Tourette’s. Having to deal with uncontrollable noises or physical movements has been a challenge for me. When I am in school I try my very best to hold it in so I don’t interfere with others learning. I face new people every day, trying to inform people why exactly I make the noises I do. I have to inform all my teachers ahead of time, including any substitute teachers I have. Sometimes I have gotten in trouble with subs and sent to the office because they do not believe me that I have Tourette’s. I am very happy with the friends that I have. They have always been by my side growing up. They also help me tell people that I have Tourette’s.

I have learned that it takes a lot of stress off me when I am able to explain and talk about having Tourette’s. Most of my friends like to talk to me about them all the time so they are educated and know what it feels like for me. We even joke around about my Tourette’s sometimes and I’m completely okay with it because I know any of them would have my back if I ever needed anything. Having Tourette’s causes a lot of unwanted attention towards myself. I have never wanted any special treatments for having Tourette’s. I fit in with everyone else and I try to be completely equal as my friends.

One of the many obstacles I have faced will forever be remembered. Although it was embarrassing, if I could take it back I don’t think I would because it made me a stronger person, and it showed me how many people care for me and will be by my side. This last year on a Friday night under the lights during one of our football games I was playing in the game and was ejected from the game. One of the referees gave me a warning to stop making noises, as I told him right back I’m sorry sir I can’t help it. The game was stopped and the refs told my coaches I was done playing. This was a huge shock for me. Not in my 10 years of playing football had this ever been a problem or happened. Before I could step off the field completely the entire sideline of coaches and players were right there yelling at the referee, telling him I wasn’t coming off the field because what that ref said was completely wrong of him. With the help of my teammates and coaches I played the rest of the game and we won. One of the worst and most embarrassing experiences I’ve had due to my Tourette’s has become one of the best memories I will have, thanks to everyone that has been there for me.