This day and age, everyone is constantly trying to take things to the next level, one step further! That goes for their jobs – whether it’s getting that promotion or even finding something else that better suits them, or it could be their health and personal growth, for example, “This will be the year I finally get healthy and grow as a person!”

So, this month I would like to focus on the growth of our amazing non-profit! Just like people, organizations want to thrive and grow. It takes dedication, love, and some sweat and tears in the mix, to make things progress.

Flashing back to 2014, three years ago when we first started D4TS, we created an idea, a hope, that one day we would become a huge company that could help as many college students with Tourette Syndrome achieve their goals as possible! We were so new that it took us a while to get the hang of things. We had big goals, like any other non-profit or company would. We started having events, one big annual event with raffles and prizes and entertainment. We started out like anyone else would. Struggling, evaluating, changing this, doing that, and through the process we learned every day how to better help those in need.

Fast forward to the present year, 2017, Dollars 4 Tic Scholars has awarded 13 scholarships since we instated D4TS, and we won’t stop there!

We continue to grow with the loving and dedicated support of our D4TS believers who never give up on us! We have our Grad Student Tourette Syndrome Scholarship coming out this November, and we have even bigger things coming in the 2018 year and beyond!

For the benefit of our students, we will never cease to work on increasing our wealth of knowledge and we will always continue to drive our growth forward into the future. We hope you’ll continue to persevere with us!